A holistic approach to giving birth; helping to create a positive experience by providing extensive knowledge and tools. This course will alter your outlook making you realise your potential to give birth confidently.

“Having two incredible, empowering births made me want to spread the word and teach other women that they can experience the same.”

Why hypnobirthing?

  • Provides the tools for a positive, natural and comfortable labour
  • Extensively educates on the labour process to build confidence
  • Teaches relaxation, visualisation & breathing techniques
  • Re-frames stereotypical thoughts and eliminates fear
  • Provides ideas on how to take a holistic approach to birth


Laura was really knowledgeable and friendly and I would highly recommend her to friends and family. The course gave me the confidence to trust that I was capable of giving birth naturally. It was such an incredible experience and one in which I felt completely in control and empowered that the decisions I was making were best for both me and my baby.
Sarah, Sheffield

Laura passed on her knowledge in a very friendly and professional manner. This helped us feel more informed, calm and confident for the birth. Highly recommend!
Lauren, Ste and baby Nyla, Chesterfield